ScanCube benefits

What are the benefits of the ScanCube lighting system?

Since a shoe and a bottle of wine need two different lighting settings, as do leather goods and metallic items for example, ScanCube developed the first photo booth with 6 independent light sources, each adjustable from 0 to 100%.

No more light boxes with set lighting, in which lamps are either all lit or all off. Lighting is too uniform and glare management is very difficult; photos are flat and the use of these photo booths is restricting.

 Thanks to the Easy-ScanCube software, the setting and modulation of light are extremely simple and efficient. They are made on screen using 6 cursors whose positions can be saved to enrich a library of presets. For example, the setting "dark leather shoe" will be charged for each shooting of a product of this type and the 6 lights will be set automatically. This library of presets also allows working seamlessly when several operators succeed in the workplace.

Very soon this library will also allow downloads and imports.

Besides adapting the light to the characteristics of the product to shoot, this fine management of lighting can give relief to the picture and reduce or eliminate glare.

Moreover, ScanCube equipped its photo booths with a dimmable backlight of the back and floor. This solution, based on LEDs, provides perfectly white backgrounds when shooting without retouching or clipping, even with white or transparent objects. We would like to draw the user’s attention on this point: a lightly greyish background will seem perfectly white if presented with a black frame, do not be fooled by this visual effect, make your tests on a white frame or using a pipette, Easy-ScanCube has a pipette that controls among other things the whiteness of the background.

 In spite of the decisive advantages of this unique technology on the market, the research and development department of ScanCube is well aware that there will always be difficult products to photograph which require a real expertise. The objective of ScanCube is to offer its customers the tools that will allow them, in the vast majority of cases, to produce quickly and easily either fixed or animated quality visuals. For the rest, we continue our innovative work to reduce the field of problems. ScanCube is currently in the process of patenting a solution to easily photograph wine bottles and flasks. We remind that to ensure a high level of quality over time, ScanCube equips its digital photo studio with compact fluorescent lamps run in in its workshops (running in is a process that optimizes the quality of the lamps).

Apart from the quality and functionalities of the Easy-ScanCube software, except for the adjustable lighting system, what are the advantages of the ScanCube light boxes?

A photo shooting box is not a simple light box, in addition to their adjustable lighting; ScanCube digital photo studios have unique characteristics.

 They are designed in France by a team that controls at the same time photography, lighting technologies, computers and electronics. This qualitative approach where the user is placed at the center of concerns gave birth to products designed in every detail.
An example to illustrate this: a photo shooting box should have an interior as smooth as possible, with minimal relief, to prevent the multiplication of points of reflection that will surely be reflected on a shiny or reflective object. The inner structure of ScanCube photo booths has been optimized to visually wear off. Compare, test, and you will understand the validity of this approach.

Similarly, the accessibility of our photo studios has been designed to facilitate the handling and installation of products inside the boxes. It is often when using the ScanCube that users become aware of the importance of these supposedly small details.

Other details that make the difference:
  • ScanCube photo booths are equipped with an upper compartment closed by a sliding door. This compartment has a quick attach system to install exclusive accessories such as the Topshot accessory for vertical shooting, the laser centering system, the nylon suspension (for the good implementation of a bag handle for example). This compartment is equipped with a USB port, a 3V plug and a 24V plug to power and control the existing accessories or those under development.
  • ScanCube photo boxes are filled under their floor with 4 reinforced fixing points on which users have the ability to screw present or future accessories and hardware options. We have already thought about the future of your investment.
  • ScanCube photo boxes are equipped on their front of two continuous 24V outlets to power the options such as the turntable. With ScanCube everything is easily accessible and comfortable.
  • ScanCube photo boxes are equipped on their front of two continuous 24V outlets to power the options such as the turntable. With ScanCube everything is easily accessible and comfortable.
  • Our photo boxes are equipped with ultra-quiet fans, manufactured in Germany, because comfort is also silent technology.
Another important point, the After Sales service; ScanCube light boxes were designed to facilitate and speed up any repairs, as we well know that even the equipment designed and manufactured with the utmost care is not immune to failure of an electronic component. That's the reason why the sensitive elements of the ScanCube gear were regrouped within a box that can be easily detachable to be the object of a standard exchange. We have designed our studios so that they are used, so that they are productive: our customers can testify to it, they are our best ambassadors.

What are the characteristics of the Easy-ScanCube software?

The Easy-ScanCube software manages and automates the entire process of packshot or 3D animation production: from shooting to the creation of animated visuals.

t was designed with the triple concern for functional simplicity, quality of results and productivity. Easy-ScanCube has no equivalent on the market, it knows everything at once:
  • Control the camera remotely with preview of the product on the computer, from controlling the functions of the digital camera to saving the file on the network.
  • Manage digital cameras in video mode. ScanCube digital studios are the only ones on the market to offer this possibility.
  • Remotely control the lighting box. The adaptation of the light to the product’s characteristics becomes easy through computer-assisted modulation from all 4 sources of direct light and two backlighting sources. The light management is most effective when it has a library of presets that can improve at the same time the productivity, quality and consistency from one operator to another.
  • Synchronize shots with the rotation of the turntable to generate automatically in a few seconds, a product animation in Flash, gif, html or JavaScript format.
  • Produce a wide variety of visuals to select from a list of predefined and customizable templates.
All these features have been developed with the attention to detail that changes everything:
  • Cropping can be done at the time of the preview, in the proportions of the final use of the photo.
  • T he preview screen has a "position memory" which allows the operator to find the exact proportions and precise angle of one or more reference photos taken earlier, even several months before; this unique feature on the market allows if need be to maintain homogeneity in the style, size and orientation in the production of visuals.
  • The file naming can be automated by incrementing a generic name previously entered by the operator. This automatic name will be proposed by default with the possibility to validate or modify it.
  • When saving the user can, using a simple checkbox, choose to apply a watermark, or a copyright notice. The logo or mention will be automatically added by transparency over the visual to the predefined location.
  • In the same way, the operator can apply a prerecorded correction to get for example a more nuanced or warmer picture. This simple yet powerful functionality is also used in the animated shooting module (360° animations) for automatic correction of all images.
  • If the operator works with a Reflex camera, he has the ability to zoom in the preview for extremely precise focus.
  • The set of values for various settings is displayed continuously around the preview. Unlike other software on the market, there is no need to open multiple menus and sub-menus to find for example the cropping proportions or the image size.
  • A pipette allows checking the colors of a photo, the whiteness of the background.
  • After shooting, the operator has the possibility to display, side by side, up to 4 different photos to compare and select them.
  • All the visuals can be produced with an incorporated zoom, in the size set by the operator.
  • The interface of generated animations is customizable to fit the graphics standards of the e-commerce site.
  • The animations saved in HTML are compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • The animation module allows producing at the same time several styles of animation and saving all the photos contained in the animated visual as as many jpg files.
  • The animation module can produce a series of photos at variable angles (e.g. a first picture at 0°, the second at 15°, the third at 60°, the next at 80 °, ...); setting is of course saved.
  • The software includes an album module that allows for batch processing (resizing, renaming, correction), creating 2D and 3D animations from stored images, organizing files and photos.

What are the characteristics of the ScanCube e-view360 turntables?

The e-view360 turntables are regrouped under two categories:
  • The ranges S and M which are guaranteed up to 25 kg (ScanCube is currently running tests to validate a 40kg-version of those turntables)
  • The XL range for heavy articles
"Light Center" patented by ScanCube. This solution allows the Easy-to ScanCube software to make appear on request a light mark at the center of the turntable. The time of centering marks that were visible on photos is over; with e-view360 turntables, the light is automatically turned off when shooting. This technology can be completed by the cross-shaped laser centering accessory. This accessory, placed in the upper compartment of the light boxes, vertically from the turntable, ensures a quick and accurate centering of products to photograph. Without this exclusive accessory, the establishment of products can be time-consuming and unproductive; another little « extra » that makes a huge difference.

The current addressing allows up to 72 photos per lap. This feature is deliberately restrained so as not to increase the files’ size, but it can be modified for specific applications. The M range can be equipped with removable cover sheets for turntables (Ø 550 mm, Ø 710 mm and Ø 800 mm) to support wider products.