Mini 3D photo studios for e-commerce

What can ScanCube mini photo studios do?

E-merchants, your product images are window displays for your online store. The quality and interactivity of your photos, animations and videos are deciding factors in every online purchase. Increasing sales, reducing returns and building customer loyalty are all directly related to the richness of the visual information on your site—it should be attractive, realistic, true to life, detailed and multi-channel.

There is a simple and innovative way to bring your business to this level: ScanCube  computer-assisted mini photo studios. ScanCube machines create photos, videos, and 360º animations that are compatible with your e-boutique’s server.

With ScanCube, you have patented technology and the guarantee of the European leader’s quality.

«ScanCube is the ultimate photo solution, thanks to its advanced technology and all of its unique possibilities in the market»: see what our clients say

  • The Most Complete Solution
    HD and 360º photos, videos, multi-view animations, space conceptualization, progressive zoom,

  • Results that Make the Difference
    No more clipping or retouching. Simplicity, Speed, Responsiveness, Cost Effectiveness…

  • Innovative Materials and Software
    Adjustable computer-assisted imaging, Dimmable backlighting, Laser Positioning, Process Automation, Video Management, Batch Processing, Positioning Memory, Automasking System, Library of presets, Smartphone Compatibility, Turning tables with quick synchronization (HFS)…

  • A Large Range of Photo Booths
    A ScanCube photo booth to meet every need


How do ScanCube mini photo studios work?

These compact photo studios are structured around 4 components:

  • A digital camera
  • A photo booth (lighting box with LED technology)
  • A turntable (optional – not necessary if the user only requires packshots)
  • The Easy-ScanCube photo software that guides the user and pilots, automates and synchronizes the materials

Creating a photo or 3D animation is quick: put the product in the photo booth or on the turntable, preview and frame the image on the computer screen, select lighting settings, click… and the software takes care of the rest. To find out more, click on the « How it works » link.

ScanCube has already won over scores of clients – our references and examples are our strongest selling points. We are at your service to help show you the benefits brought by our systems to your business. We invite you to come see our solutions for yourself in a personalized demonstration.