European made, quality assured



ScanCube / Connex’Com has been in business for 20 years. In 2005 it participated in the connected compact photo studio concept launch. In 2008, ScanCube’s engineering and design department created a new generation of entirely computer-controlled photo studios. This project came to life in 2010 after two years of research and development, under the Altawak Technologie brand.

The line is made in France near Angers, and the entirety of its products are designed and engineered in the Paris office. Industrial partners include SIAM, SA2M and SI2B who count companies like Decaux, Areva, Alcatel and Thyssenkrupp among their clientele.



As the first European manufacturer in its market segment, ScanCube is committed to innovation, and believes strongly in the idea of “technology for simplicity”.
The objective is to offer online merchants an easy way to get for accurate, detailed presentations of their products. Visual representation is essential to customer confidence and loyalty when buying products online. It also is key to reducing the amount of returned merchandise, lowering transport and distribution costs for the online seller.
The WYSIWYB® concept (What You See Is What You Buy) ScanCube developed is central to this philosophy.


After putting the first fully computer-automated photo booth on the market–from the dimming of the lights to the camera and image setup–our research and development team has continued innovating alongside French and European partners, further expanding the concept.

ScanCube responds quickly to all client questions and specific needs, thanks to internal mastery of technological developments. ScanCube’s efforts to produce European products that adhere to environmentally conscious fabrication, packaging, and transport norms are indicative of their quality.